Open Letter: The Government Has Blocked All Student Media From Accessing The Budget Lock-Up

That’s why we are signing this open letter: after a year of sustained attempts to change higher education policy, we at least deserve the respect to be able to examine the government’s policy suggestions.

11 April 2018
Students Protest $2.2 Billion Cuts to Higher Education

A contingent of over 30 University of Melbourne students joined forces with fellow Victorian students at the State Library of Victoria to protest the Coalition government’s $2.2 billion cuts to higher education on Wednesday, 21 March.

23 March 2018
Results: Batman is Reddy for Geddy

Labor’s Ged Kearney has won an incredibly close by-election in Melbourne’s electorate of Batman, beating out perennial Greens candidate, Alex Bhathal, in a seat that many predicted Labor would lose.

18 March 2018
Opinion: Why Can’t the Greens Gain Mass Appeal?

Why is it that, for a party so strongly in favour of wealth redistribution, only 24 per cent of their members identify as working-class—less even than the Liberals (32 per cent) and far less than Labor (46 per cent)?

17 March 2018
WATCH: Adani in the Batman By-Election

  Image courtesy of Hugh Shanahan from Polity. Polity is a new student-run media organisation, which aims to challenge readers’ consumption patterns, and take them outside of their echo-chambers. You can see more of their work at Polity.online.

Profile: Alex Bhathal

“Last year I was involved in Dungeons and Dragons, the French Club, German Club. But I stopped turning up to their functions when I joined the ALP club. I met a group of people there who I thought were more interesting and different. It’s all consuming really: at about that time I stopped seeing my old school friends.”

13 March 2018
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