Your Brain and Depression

Depression not only affects your mood, but lowers your cognitive ability, possibly even after you’ve recovered. Depression has been a huge topic of conversation societally in recent years, which is fantastic in helping to break down the stigma of mental illness, however, it is still a widely misunderstood dis-order. Depression, described beautifully by Mike Martin, […]

5 August 2015
Science Lab / Strawberries and DNA

DNA is cool stuff: it gives your cells the instructions to make you, well…you. Yet with only a two per cent difference in its composition you would be a chimpanzee. It’s amazing to think that your entire being is pretty much governed by tiny strands of the junk. But alas, we never really get to […]


How do you prepare to study? Do you collate notes? Order a coffee? Temporarily deactivate Facebook? Get your highlighters in order? Or do you pop a pill to get you focused?

19 June 2015
Drawn to Science – Heatwaves and Megabats

Kate Cranney mixes one part science (a profile of a research scientist) with one part art (a detailed drawing of their study subject). In this edition, meet Himali Ratnayake. Himali is a PhD candidate researching how heat waves affect Australian flying foxes. Are you sipping an espresso at this moment? Do you have Farrago in […]

31 March 2015
Science Lab / The Speed of Light

It’s taken mankind over 300 years to pin down the speed of light. So we’re going to measure it with a chocolate bar. Let’s get started. METHOD: Step 1. You want to stop the platter in your microwave from rotating. This can be done either by inverting the platter or removing the wheels that allow […]

Your Brain and Music

For many of us, music is an integral part of our lives. But why is this? Music has been known to cause increases in heart rate, dilated pupils, body temperature changes, chills and goose bumps, as well as generally awesome feelings. As to what gives us these lovely physical and psychological changes, we can point […]

Sleep Paralysis Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tall Grey Man

What do vampires, alien abductions and chest-sitting monsters have in common? Everyone’s heard stories about monsters in the night, ghastly ghouls that ensnare sleepers in a state of paralysis and torment them in their beds. A vampire in the doorway hypnotises vulnerable sleepers, leaving them immobilised and helpless as they are drained of their life […]

23 March 2015

The room is white and sterile. Month-old flowers wither in a vase, a feeble attempt at colour. A heart-rate monitor hums obediently at the bedside of the sickly patient. Doctors rush past the open doorway, weary-faced, papers flying, stethoscopes swinging, barely casting a glance toward the fading lifeform inside. Medicine today has come far from the days […]

Paging Dr Love

When I was just eleven years old, I had my first crush. Unfortunately, he was in the year above me and so naturally, he had no clue I existed. With my new hormones overriding my brain, I tried everything to get his attention. Whether it was attempting to play soccer or complementing him on his […]

Drawn to Science – Triple Jeopardy in the Kimberley

Sifting through fish guts, collecting ear bones and spotting crocodiles – it’s all in a day’s fieldwork for one postgraduate student from the School of Biosciences. The Researcher Meet Matt Le Feuvre is a PhD candidate researching the extinction risk of freshwater fish in the Kimberley, a region in Australia’s tropical north-west. And also meet […]

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