Unimelb Field Guide

The Clocktower Crossbreed

There is an animal who lives on top of the Old Arts clocktower and looks like a horse, but isn’t, because he has leather wings.

16 October 2017
The Creature With No Shape and Speech

If you own a locker in the basement, you could try speaking to it? You could ask it, ‘Are you okay? Aren’t you cold without a body?’

23 August 2017
Bats in the MSD

There are ten bat colonies living around the University of Melbourne, and each one represents a different Bachelor degree.

13 July 2017
Gilblin Eunson Library

There are forty pot plants in the Giblin Eunson Library. They are placed on the shelves, and above the study desks.

7 June 2017
The Parkville Push-bike

There is a Push-Bike that’s not owned by anybody. It looks like the other push-bikes people pedal around campus, but it’s different.

15 May 2017
The Arts West Animal

There is an animal with antlers who trots around Arts West. She cannot use the marble stairs (due to her hooves), but she can fit into the elevators fine. She loves the Arts West elevators because they are very shiny. Sometimes she hides in them to watch the Arts students arrive. This is why those […]

27 February 2017