Climate Protest Goes Ahead Despite Criticism From Authorities
12 January 2020

Thousands of Melburnians gathered at the State Library on Friday to demand immediate climate action.  Despite persistent rain, protestors filled the steps of the library and overflowed onto Swanston Street and La Trobe Street, before marching through the city. Around 30,000 people attended the march according to organisers Uni Students for Climate Justice. The student […]

Willmott as incoming NUS President
Former UMSU President Molly Willmott elected NUS President
13 December 2019

On the third day of the National Conference (NatCon), former University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) President Molly Willmott was elected President of the National Union of Students (NUS). Following withdrawals, her election was unopposed. As a member of the National Labor Students (NLS), Willmott succeeded Desiree Cai, also from the University of Melbourne.  These […]

NUS Thursday Ballot
12 December 2019

Ballots will be cast this morning, determining the National Union of Students (NUS) leadership for 2020. Ahead of today’s vote, Farrago can confirm the results of many key positions that now stand unopposed following withdrawals from candidates. Votes are being cast until 1:30 pm by NUS delegates and proxies outside Studio Theatre in the building.  […]

Farrago 1999 vs Farrago 2019: What’s Changed?
12 December 2019

Earlier this year, a friend took me to a party hosted by Guy Rundle, the Melbourne writer, in his flat in South Yarra. People perched on the edge of couches and drank wine from coffee mugs as if it were a student party, even though most of the attendees were twice that age. Somehow the topic of Farrago came up, and I mentioned that I had co-edited the magazine in 1999. Guy introduced me to two other former editors who were there: Prue from 1988 and Sean from 1992.

2019 NatCon Liveblog
9 December 2019

Here are our live updates of #nusnatcon2019


Tooti Fruity
12 December 2019

The correct way to break a rambutan open is to use a knife. I call that the coward’s way. If you’re a lawless rebel like me, you bite into it whole, cringing at the sudden bitterness the break in the skin fills your mouth with, then use your teeth to rip the rest of it away.

Diaspora Dilemmas
12 December 2019

In an age where we can barely last the year without
buying a new smartphone and throw ageing possessions before they have a chance to decay, it’s puzzling why we still refuse to throw away the remnants of the toxic colonial mindset.

All that Glitters is not Gold
12 December 2019

While it is a privilege to be able to afford an education abroad, many unspoken costs like underpaid wages, homesickness, cultural shock, financial instability and underemployment came as a surprise. But as an international student, I’m not sure if these costs are worth the price our parents pay.

Regulating Language
12 December 2019

Language has faced an onslaught of changes in the face of globalisation, as influences from across the world fight against local ideals of what a language should be. Language academies—organisations that act as regulatory bodies of different languages—are leading the fight against changes to language they perceive as illegitimate.

Kiss and Tell
12 December 2019

After my breakup with the Michael Clifford lookalike, I started seeing more people of colour. Not that Michael Clifford ruined white men for me, I just felt more comfortable around people like me.


Cooking Words
3 December 2019

Unwrapping the tinfoil, Oops, the intonation of a sentence / is overcooked; the content of a sentence is / meaningless.

3 December 2019

I don’t mind if it is an acorn, a plum, or a baobab fruit. / They are all fruits.

R ‘n’ R
3 December 2019

Allow that which does not belong / in your heart to find / its way out.

Flash Fiction: Puppets
3 December 2019

100-words-or-less pieces about ghosts for Farrago 2019 Edition 7.

The Open Night
3 December 2019

You, this forgotten shadow, / That rests in a flowering memory / Is the kiss of root and berry.


Review: 1917
8 January 2020

Sam Mendes’ epic one-take war film is an indelible, commanding experience built on some of the most incredible craftsmanship that cinema can offer.

Review: Cats
5 January 2020

At its core, it is a wildly CGI’d musical movie about cats begging to die, starring some of the most iconic people in entertainment (plus James Corden).

Review: Little Women
5 January 2020

Little Women (2019) is a radical re-arranging of Alcott’s novel, a tapestry of moments rather than a chronological narrative.

Review: Carly Rae Jepsen
19 December 2019

Between walking into the Forum at a little past 7pm and seeing Carly Rae Jepsen come on stage for her sold-out Melbourne show was probably the most trying few hours of my life.

Review: Atlantics
19 December 2019

French-Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop’s feature film debut, Atlantics, is a sensitively crafted, dream-like journey haunted by the desire for freedom.