Students and staff critical of residential colleges’ response to coronavirus
1 April 2020

Current and former students at the University of Melbourne’s residential colleges have expressed frustration and concern about their administrations’ handling of the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19: International Students
30 March 2020

The campus should close for the safety of all students and staff. But, we ask that the university make the necessary accommodations that would be equitable for ALL students moving forward.

SATIRE: Creators of Avatar Feature New Hero, Who Just Really Likes Tea
23 March 2020

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.  Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the COVID-19 attacked. Only the Avatar, master of one and a half elements (water, and maybe fire if you count a kettle) could stop the pandemic. But when the world needed her most, she vanished.  A few days […]

Australian Creatives Rally for Bushfire Relief
23 March 2020

As donations towards the recovery effort for Australia’s unprecedented bushfire season nears $500 million dollars, the arts community has rallied around these fundraising efforts, with a wide range events, auctions and pledges organised around the country in the past months.

Metro Tunnel ‘On Track’ For Success
23 March 2020

Four of Melbourne’s busiest rail lines were replaced by buses for the majority of January, as construction of the Metro Tunnel continued. 


The OTHER Theory of Evolution
23 March 2020

In science class we only celebrated successes. But for every scientific superstar there’s a generation of equally intelligent scholars who got it wrong.

23 March 2020

I was 14 when Mum and Dad brought Billie home. 

PTV Woes
23 March 2020

When I landed in Melbourne some ten months ago, a grass-green philistine whose closet contained nary a single tote bag, I did so with high expectations. Among these expectations was that this first-world metropolis would come equipped with a functional, if not flawless, public transport system. 

Not a teenager, not an adult
23 March 2020

Then it hits me: is this how my twenties are supposed to be? A cycle of day drinking before marching through the doors of the Royal Exhibition Building every exam season? I cannot drive. I cannot cook. I have never touched a water bill in my life. Surely this is not how my parents envisioned my adulthood when traversing seas for a better life. 

Quiet Entitlement: The Problem with Mum and Dad Investors
23 March 2020

Australians need to change the way we view buying a house. Since the Menzies era, owning your own home has been integral to the Australian dream. A right afforded to those who worked hard and paid their taxes. Good citizens.


a catcher’s handbook
25 March 2020

a love for spearmint, for the burgundy red
                   rhubarb patch

kitchen ants
25 March 2020

They reverberate their
pheromone calls

gallery of rotten riches
25 March 2020

under the withered moon of catastrophe
a strain on the blueberry sky.

Badass Women
25 March 2020

Eleanor pauses in her tracks, sucking in a breath as she turns not to face the man, but the arched windows that line the passage. 
Aquitaine stretches out before her, its beauty incomparable to filthy, cramped Paris.

Lonely Hearts of the Animal Kingdom
25 March 2020

Bonjour, mon amour! I think perhaps you are the muse I’ve been searching for.


Review: I’m Like a Puppy, You Need to Train Me
23 March 2020

Bethany Cherry’s debut feature, chronicling the daily routine at the Farrago office, raises one major concern: can one woman truly drink that much tea?

Review: Goodbye, Elton John
17 March 2020

This concert was 50 years in the making, and my goodness did it exceed my highly-set expectations! 
After performing in Melbourne multiple times throughout his long and successful career, Sir Elton John took his last bow on a Melbourne stage on Sunday 15th December. This 150th show of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour was performed at a packed Rod Laver Arena, full to the brim of fans who were eagerly awaiting the chance to see Elton perform one last time.

Review: The Hitmen
17 March 2020

As a satire of job-hunting hell, The Hitmen struggles to strike its target. Nonetheless, Mish Wittrup’s new play offers some gory chuckles and a suite of energetic performances.

Review: Pollen Revolution @ Asia TOPA
3 March 2020

Despite being younger than his mentors, Akira Kasai is considered to be one of the most established figures of butoh, starting his own studio in Japan–before studying Eurythmy (expressive movement art) in Germany. Kasai’s wide range of influences is evident in Pollen Revolution, brought for the first time to the Melbourne stage by Dancehouse Theatre.

Review: Citizen K
3 March 2020

Citizen K, directed and written by Alex Gibney, tells a side of the Cold War story that is arguably more interesting, and indeed more deadly, than the war itself: how does a nation with a communist backbone going back centuries suddenly make the transition to capitalism? How do its citizens get by? How does the government and its laws catch up to such an upheaval?