Why the Left Sucks: An Inquiry into Campus’s Most Hated Political Group

It is no exaggeration to say that The University of Melbourne is one of the largest breeding grounds for leftist thought in the country. For those of us who have been on campus–walked past the columns

Hey hey hey, it’s time to recap the Kooyong Leaders Debate piece

Poor Selina, she had to watch the whole debate.

The Aesthetics of Poverty – Why students at UniMelb are so keen to appear poor.

The discourse accusing this so-called ‘student aesthetic’ of fetishising poorness has surfaced within the past year on social media (especially TikTok) and in conversations between students on and off

Satire: Farrago Shuts Down; Honi Soit Now Australia's Oldest Student Publication

As of today, Farrago Magazine, Australia’s oldest student publication, will cease operations under the current four editors.

VCA Students Demand UniMelb to Commit to “Zero Tolerance” Policy

Students at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) are calling on the University of Melbourne to “commit to stronger policies and actions when it comes to sexual assault”, after the University ignore



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An ink drawing: a mass of small, leaf-like shapes crossed with grey and green root-like lines.

Jan 27 (Hardly Working)

Mud-caked and defeated / we rove over a country choked / into submission.Read Article

Tue 09 Aug 2022
Selena reads a book from which colourful bubbles fly, forming an image of her lying with a femme lov

Hocus-Pocus Recipes and Rituals: Making Fiction Come to Life!

Live a few lifetimes here and there, have a go at reviving Frankenstein’s monster myself and enjoy a spot of soothing peRead Article

Tue 09 Aug 2022
An illustrated pattern of red and pink flowers mimicking an embroidered style.

New Year

January air is amniotic. / February will come like a birth or excision.Read Article

Sun 07 Aug 2022
A slightly blurred, as if to appear three-dimensional, digital artwork of planets and stars. Two pla


The sun brines in a sticky chicken broth / watching one to eight float in her bellyRead Article

Thu 04 Aug 2022
An illustration of a street lamp with a triangular beam of light illuminating a circle on the ground

Ordinary Phenomena: Fireflies in the Suburbs

It's suburban living, the sparks from the blistering street lights competing with nettled cricketsRead Article

Wed 03 Aug 2022
A digital illustration of fragments of a watermelon bursting out from an orange, galaxy-like spiral


The watermelon dwarfs the little fridge it’s displayed on, green rind overtaking white plastic.Read Article

Wed 03 Aug 2022
An illustration of sheep in a green pasture. In the background are hills, between which an orange su

Virgil's Eclogue I

Tityrus, you recline beneath a screen / of spreading beech and dwell upon the woodland / muse with slender reedRead Article

Wed 03 Aug 2022
A white sketched outline of a femme-presenting person lying asleep on their back, overlaid on an ima

to: life.

to wring a dry cloth / on cracked soil / under the ablaze sun.Read Article

Wed 03 Aug 2022
An illustration with a black background. Across the image are scattered white music notes, a star, a

Vivid from Inspiration | Blackout Poetry Competition, Third Place

it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that ignited creative expression. the movement began further blurring the anRead Article

Fri 24 Jun 2022
A dark-red-and-white illustration of a teacup in front of a teapot with leaves and flowers coming ou

Grandmother Rose | Blackout Poetry Competition, Second Place

She bends slow, steady, tense my emotions. She could always read the inevitability of my future.Read Article

Wed 22 Jun 2022
An illustration of a disembodied torso, with a background of blue glued tinfoil on the left side and

i | Blackout Poetry Competition, First Place

o will my heart ripple as i float in the night, on the wind like everything is u n IRead Article

Wed 22 Jun 2022
A photograph of the Australian Parliament House at night

A Contemporary National Anthem

Australians, all / I do not believe that the colour of one’s skin determines whether you are disadvantaged. / Let us rejRead Article

Thu 19 May 2022
A fantastical digital sketch of a blond masculine-presenting person, face full of frustration, leani

A Screen is Not a Room (But it Might be a Door)

It was the third consecutive night of video calling when I decided I’d had enough.Read Article

Fri 15 Apr 2022
An illustration of an open mouth with a spider inside and a kernel of popcorn trapped in its web. Th

On the Tip of the Tongue

Kasey lifted the bottom of her mask just enough to slip a popcorn kernel onto her tongue for Winona to nibble on.Read Article

Fri 15 Apr 2022
An illustration of a tree and a headstone on a sharp cliff to the right, and roots that become snake

We, the Fleas

My best cursive sits on a headstone / We wear name tags to bed / As if the death-nurse does not know usRead Article

Fri 15 Apr 2022
An excerpt from 'Pay for a Pandemic', a found poem, with a beige-orange gradient background. The tex

Pay for a Pandemic

we’re in another stage / we have to live with this / this virus / it’s a test / someone's always going to pay for itRead Article

Fri 15 Apr 2022
A digital illustration of the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park, with a smiling sun, a pathway, a tree

Younger Siblings

The conversation continued like a river, energetically rolling on before slamming into rocks and getting redirected.Read Article

Fri 15 Apr 2022
A collection of red, green and white outlines of objects on a black background, beside the edge of a

A WIP Around the Workshop: Magical Realism - A Genre of Defiance

When people find out that I write, their inevitable first question is: “What do you write?”Read Article

Fri 15 Apr 2022
A white line artwork on a black background, depicting a crowd of distorted, abstract people on the l

Murder on the Dancefloor: Tales from Late-Stage Hospitality - The Bar Fight

The nightclub on Collins Street had no official cloakroom, and the alcohol-saturated crowds began shedding their jacketsRead Article

Thu 14 Apr 2022
An illustration of a bright pink cadillac in front of a small petrol station in the middle of the de

pink cadillac (in memoriam)

car crash simulation straight out of heaven / and you, in the driver’s seat (Jesus take the wheel!)Read Article

Tue 29 Mar 2022
An illustration of a femme person sitting on a tiled floor, placing a cigarette in an ashtray. Their

Satan Wears a Bra

You are an observer / of calloused hands on brass strings / Crimson plastic, nostrils pierced in backyardsRead Article

Tue 29 Mar 2022
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Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Four 2022


Saddle up! Farrago’s brand spanking new edition is here! It’s jam-packed with art, photography, news, non-fiction and creative writing; and it calls on you to “be the cowboy.” “But what does that mean?” you ask. Well, let the wise words of Mitski guide you… ”What would a swaggering cowboy riding into town do in this situation?”

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