Big Dave breaks drought

26 February 1990

Melbourne Uni students will no longer be forced to leave campus in search of a pot of ale or a glass of white wine. This week the Student Union is opening a Bar in the newly renovated Coffee Lounge on the first floor of Union House. It will operate from 4pm to 9pm each day.

The House and Services Officer, Mr David Feeney (Labor Club) announced last week “This latest Student Union services will serve beer and wine at a competitive price in congenial surroundings.”

A full liquor licence is expected soon which will permit permanent operation in both the Coffee Lounge and in Milliways. Meanwhile, the Union is using a temporary licence.

“Most of the steps needed to gain the licence have been taken, though it is expected that the conservative University Administration will object to the licence”, declared a confident Mr Feeney.

“Student run competition to the University House alcohol monopoly seems to scare the administration.”

The Bar initiative is one part of this year’s House and Services strategy for reform. “We are committed to turning around the catering deficit and providing services to students. The Bar will achieve both of these Student Union goals for 1990.”

Some suggest that a bar on campus will result in drunk students staggering off to lectures and disrupting sober peers.

Mr Feeney disagrees saying “If students are determined to drink, there is a multitude of pubs, bars and restaurants near Uni. This new service will not increase the amount of drinking by students. It will simply mean that the profits from student drinking will not be taken by greedy hoteliers but go back to students through their own Union.

“The harsh commercial reality is that student owned services will continue to lose the battle against the Lygon Street sharks unless we sell alcohol. We are committed to competing and winning this battle for students.”

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