O what a night!

31 March 2005

Boring, dull and uneventful. These are three words that definitely weren’t associated with O-Night 2005. With massive performances from Tripod, Regurgitator and many more the night went off in style. Over 1,000 students attending the night, the biggest winner being the bar where alcoholic granitas flowed all night.

Cinema Under The Sails on Tuesday 22nd February had an excellent turnout. Kicking off with a free BBQ, people had already taken up the best seats for the sundown showing of The Incredibles. Scott, one of your Activities Office Bearers stood up to make an announcement about VSU prior to the film and walked off to huge cheers from the crowd. An excellent warm up for O-Week.

This year your Activities Office Bearers have applied to the Guinness Book Of World Records to recognise a claim for a new World Record—the largest Beer Can Pyramid. Come talk to us about how to get involved.

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