Cheap Arts

27 February 2013

Samantha Riegl shares the best spots to be a sophisticated cheapskate.

PLATFORM, Platform Art Spaces, Degraves St Subway

Tucked away in Campbell Arcade, Platform has been running for over twenty years. During this time, the 13 glass windows, vitrine and sample space have housed work from many established and emerging artists. The space is simple and accessible; it’s quite likely you’ve even caught a glimpse of it during the rush to and from Flinders Street Station. Platform openings also happen on the last Friday of every month, so swing by on your way to the station.

VCA STUDENT GALLERY, Enter via gate 4, Dodds St, Southbank

Yes, Melbourne University has another campus! Located in Southbank, it’s just a short tram ride down Swanston Street. Every Tuesday, the Student Gallery opens a new show curated and created by the VCA students themselves. Come down for some fresh art and free wine.

DUDSPACE / KINGS ARI, Level 1/171 King St, Melbourne

Melbourne DUDSPACE is the baby of VCA graduates Lyndal May Stewart and Made Spencer-Castle. They have tagged it as “GREAT ART/SHIT SPACE’”—well at least they know right? Hidden in the corridor to the toilet at Kings ARI, this gallery is a gem to stumble upon when you really need to piss. It’s that great you’ll most likely forget why you were frantically running through that corridor anyway.

BLINDSIDE, Level 7, Room 14, The Nicholas Building, Swanston St, Melbourne

In the Nicholson Building on the seventh floor is BLINDSIDE. The lift is terrifying and old school so personally I battle with the stairs to get up there (and it is a battle, but definitely worth it). BLINDSIDE is supported by the City of Melbourne and run by a dedicated committee. Having just finished their Summer Studio, it will be interesting to see what it brings us in 2013.

HOSIER LANE, Between Flinders St and Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Yelp gives Hosier Lane a 4.5 star rating and the tourists there always look happy as they take their photos–hell, it even has it own Wikipedia page. One of the best-known locations for street art, this ever-changing space is well worth a sticky beak.

ACCA, 111 Sturt St, Melbourne

ACCA, ACCA, ACCA. You can do no wrong. The current exhibition Desire Lines is running until March 3rd, so hurry! This international show includes work from more than thirty artists, so you will undoubtedly see at least one piece of art you’ll really enjoy. I’ve heard whisperings that the ceilings at ACCA ruin the space, but I’ve never had a problem with that and I don’t think it would hinder your experience.

WEST SPACE Level 1, 225 Bourke St, Melbourne

Melbourne West Space is another centrally located gallery, just on Bourke Street in the Melbourne CBD. Already into the 2013 program, West Space is currently presenting work by Sean Peoples and Inri Christo, Tim Bruniges, Christo Crocker and Brad Haylock.

OFF THE KERB, 66B Johnson St, Collingwood

Off The Kerb is the only gallery I’ve come across that has a backyard. This backyard is also soon to be turned into exhibition space number 4 for this Collingwood gallery. This makes for great vibes on opening night, along with a great variety of art. Shows run for two weeks in 2013 and we’ve already seen works by Luke Bolsem and Peter Eglezos grace the downstairs galleries for Midsumma Festival, plus Candice Hopkins’ show Zanyen in the upstairs gallery.

CHAPTER HOUSE LANE, Between Flinders St and Flinders Lane, Melbourne

A public gallery space made up of large window galleries. This year we are in for an absolute treat with the works of Andrzej Nowicki, Jackson Eaton, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Brad Haylock, Nicole Breedon, Matlok Griffiths, Kate Smith, Kez Hughes, Helen Johnson and a secret show. Ooh la la.

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