Review: Ben’s Illustrious Fact Show Episode 2

6 April 2016

Did you know that the first sloth on the moon was discovered in 1456? Outrageous.

Ben Volchok’s Illustrious Fact Show will have you wondering if you really knew anything about anything at all.

In a raucous return to the stage, Volchok takes his audience on a multi-dimensional escapade through space and time to unveil astounding truths about the world. Complete with audience participation, political commentary, gorgonzola and dazzling audio-visual effects, it’s a nonsensical smorgasboard of comic delight.

The show is peppered with physical comedy but Volchok’s real strength comes from his wordplay. The writing is sharp and Volchok showcases a strong ability to draw laughs from well-crafted language. He engages with his audience through direct address, develops a range of interesting character profiles and his ad-lib work shows potential. His delivery was at times rushed and some technical difficulties disrupted the flow of the show. However, these are mere signs of a developing performer. He is definitely a young comedian to watch.

Unlike me, Volchok is a man of many talents. He dances better than Gene Kelly and looks incredibly handsome with three arms. He’s pretty funny too. So, if you long for the opportunity to claim intellectual superiority over your fellow humans, get yourself down to the Highlander for a real enlightening time.

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