19 July 2016

tracing eyelid folds i stick my finger in
digit curving round socket
i moan; that distorted sound bite
of a wound-up pendulum
clock ticking
like that clicking electric black tic
pinned in iris
as squirming pupil.

the roundness fits tight
around finger ligaments coil
sucking me in
i can’t pull myself out
and it aches.

a wet pop
the eyeball lands on the sink edge
looking at me
i look at it
as it rolls down the basin
pink and red drains
it’s looking at me
when it sprouts feelers
its legs swivel into place
and it scuttles along the porcelain curve
trying not to be swallowed
to the sewer.

i pick up the bug
rolling the bean in my palm
dropping it between my teeth and
my giant tongue crushes it
bursting nodules of hot vinegar
down my throat
molars demolishing zonules
uprooting arterial branches
sucking the spongey pith
slurping the pimpled curds
teeth making the snip snip snip
of tiny scissors
severing the tendons
that held you and eye together.

i swallow and look into bathroom mirror
half my face is red and hollow
the circuitry inside sparkling and blood-wet.


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