Interview: Stuart Goldsmith

3 April 2017

Stuart Goldsmith is the Stephen Hawking of the comedy world. His analysis and obsession with the mechanisms that induce laughter, as well as what lurks behind the curtain of the comedy industry is fascinating.

We discuss how Stuart found his own comedic voice- having progressed from a street circus performer, into a man who performed at Wembley Area in front of 12,000 people. “Just try to be as much like yourself as possible,” Stuart tells me when I prompt him on the key to performing on stage. “You have all that landscape of being a person at your disposal and that could be anything.”

The enthusiasm in Stuart’s eyes when discussing comedy is like a possum in a flashlight, he goes deep into why humans laugh. When discussing his progression into stand up, his stream of consciousness keeps me feeling like I’m watching Picasso with a paintbrush. Stuart seems divinely designed to make those on earth, laugh at the craziness of it all. Two weeks ago, Stuart interviewed Russell Brand on his own super podcast: The Comedians’ Comedian. I bring up their conversation about happiness in the comedy world as Stuart tells me, “People in stand up are running towards something, or running away from something.” A foot in the darkness often allows someone to turn others towards the light.

Stuart describes comedians as, “Rock stars who didn’t have to learn the guitar, it’s powerful.” But the work ethic that many don’t see is insane – “You’re sacrificing a lot socially.” Stuart’s show at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Compared To What, focusses on many things including his wife moving his family from the city to the country. “I wanted her to be happy, more than she wanted to live somewhere with culture, ambition, public transport, and sushi.” I burst out with laughter. Stuart’s smile is contagious, it catches the mirth in your soul and hammers it into your bones. His ability to weave through audiences of all kinds- and manifesting relatable humour is a feature inherent in Stuart’s comedy.

On the way out of the studio- Stuart’s jokes persist. I feel a warmth within, as I see him off into the masses of students. His show at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival is a must see for anyone who loves a good belly laugh- at a comedian who thrives on making others happy.

You can purchase tickets for Stuart’s show, Compared To What, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.

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