Horror Films

11 May 2017

Naked brains in public cinema
Rows of raunchy fingers
Picking inside
Up skirt
Up tight
Share the popcorn
“Don’t be a cunt”

Silent judgement
Eyes watering Coca-Cola
Bored and pissed and restless
Waiting release
Preview the juiciest scum on the screen
Project your sarcasm
Where you please
Just please
Tame yourself
“Don’t be a cunt”
Too young to understand
Too old to be impressed
But stop fucking talking
Or I’ll call insecurity to escort you
With your dumb brain
Still intact
Baggage for the beggar
I am begging you
Don’t be a cunt

Silence is swift and expensively
Full of faeces
When lights flicker on
“I want a refund”
Directors of doom and their wannabe movies
Credits of a cast with none credible
Black screen
White writing

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