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Fodder Feature: Moon Tunes

28 May 2018

Some of you will know me as a co-host of Snappy Hour on Radio Fodder. But semester two last year saw me try my hand at producing another show. After meeting Kergen Angel in the media office one day, I forced myself on him to be the producer of Only One Kernoby, the show he was co-hosting with Noni Cole and Ruby Perryman. I met Noni and Ruby soon after and probably scared them with my zeal.

“This is Trent,” said Kergen, introducing me to his co-hosts.

“Hi, I’m Noni.”

“Like Noni Hazlehurst? She’s such a queen,” I replied. I’m so good at making friends. “I’m going to be the producer of your show.”

“Um, okay!” Ruby said with a slightly-to-moderately terrified look in her eyes.

Mission accomplished. I had now successfully become the producer-slash-fourth-wheel of Only One Kernoby. All was going well with their show until one day it just Harold Holt–style vanished into thin air.

This edition of ‘Fodder Feature’, I talked to Noni and Ruby about what happened to Only One Kernoby. We also talked about their new show Moon Tunes and their burning love for Missy Higgins and Camp Cope.

First question—who is your number-one queen of music?

Noni: Missy Higgins.

Ruby: She was both of our first concerts. Obviously I’m from Darwin and Noni’s from Sydney, so in different places, but we’re pretty sure it was on the same tour.

Noni: Also Georgia [McDonald] from Camp Cope.

The next question I need to ask… What happened to Only One Kernoby?

Noni: Only One Kernoby… It just sort of combusted.

Ruby: It came to an end. She died of natural causes [laughs]. But no, we all had a lot to do last year. We all got really involved in other things … Our current show is a lot less time-consuming.

Speaking of which, tell me about your new show, Moon Tunes.

Ruby: We go to the gigs of women and gender-diverse artists in the Melbourne music scene and then talk a little bit about it, talk about the artists and play their music.

Noni: It was sort of off the back of Only One Kernoby. We didn’t really have much time, so we wanted to do something that was easier to prepare for. It was easy to talk about things we already do, gigs that we go to, gigs that are on and play music that we both really like.

Which is better? Only One Kernoby or Moon Tunes?

Noni: None of us had really done radio before Only One Kernoby, so we just wanted to get a hang of how to use all the radio equipment and engage with a new type of media platform.

Ruby: Moon Tunes is probably better because we have the hang of things now. But don’t tell Kergen.

Noni: And because of our new show, we get to go to a whole bunch of new cool gigs. And it gets us looking for other gigs that we might not have been to normally. But Only One Kernoby was a fun thing for us to do as friends.

Trent: And your producer for Only One Kernoby was really great, wasn’t he?

Ruby: Yeah, he was excellent.

What have you enjoyed most about your first season of Moon Tunes?

Ruby: Camp Cope dropped a new album, so we’ve been flogging that. And we’ve been to a few of their gigs this year already and talked about that.

Noni: We give exposure to a lot of different artists.

Ruby: But we love Camp Cope.

Trent: I swear you’re on their promo team.

Noni: Another thing I’ve enjoyed is just not talking about men for an hour of our lives.

Where can Farrago readers find you?

Ruby: We don’t have any social media.

Noni: But you know where you can find us? At a Camp Cope gig. Or Missy Higgins probably.

The first season of Moon Tunes has ended, but keep your eyes open for the semester two Radio Fodder schedule to find out when you can hear Ruby and Noni gush over Camp Cope and other female and gender-diverse local artists.

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