You didn’t answer my question though and Kick Ons

11 September 2018

You didn’t answer my question though


  For my sins I live in Melbourne
Where love is For all but
Only A suggestion.
Will These Failures
  grow Meaning through repetition
I keep seeing your face-painted
concern, when I Spill
my drink almost
falling between your
  Mismatched chairs.
  Did you just pretend not to hear me?
  Will these failures grow meaning through repetition?


Kick Ons

The best thing about a bucket-hat is you can only look down.
Long timber scrap fire, cooper’s red
amber inclusions. Your speaker dies
five hours in, weak sunrise
melting with your extended rubber sole.
Don’t stamp it. Scrape it. Shape it.
I’m sober. I’m not sober. I wish I was sober.
I don’t know you. I am nothing
if not decorative; the cold excuses
my shaking hands. I can’t roll, and our
smiles haunt the flame, cold to warm and back.


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