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Review: “Who Killed John Lennon? The Lives, Loves and Deaths of the Greatest Rockstar.”

17 May 2021

Author:  Lesley-Ann Jones
Publisher:  Allen & Unwin
Year:  2020
Category: Non-Fiction/Biography/Music

 A must for fans of Lennon and The Beatles


It’s been over twenty years since the news of the death of rock music legend, John Lennon, hit the media. Since that time the music scene has been replete with rumours, facts and suspicions concerning this icon’s life and death.

Lennon was a fabulous songwriter, poet and an integral part of The Beatles. For those not in the know, Lennon was the co-leader of the group, songwriter and rhythm guitarist. He was a shining star in life and an eternal rock legend in death. However, some of the facts about his life and death are still unclear. Lennon himself was notorious for changing stories about his past and embellishing memories of events. Who Killed John Lennon? The Lives, Loves and Deaths of the Greatest Rockstar by Lesley-Ann Jones attempts to right the wrongs and set the record straight once and for all.

Lesley-Ann Jones’ credentials as an author on the subject of the music industry are unquestionable. Jones has a long history as a journalist and is a renowned author of novels and music biographies. Her works include Bohemian Rhapsody: The Definitive Biography of Freddie MercuryHero: David Bowie, and Ride a White Swan: The Lives & Deaths of Marc Bolan.

The content of Who Killed John Lennon is well-researched and includes interviews with friends and associates of Lennon, historical records, and industry insights. Many previously incorrectly stated facts and outright falsehoods are addressed and amended. This book covers the good, the bad and the ugly of Lennon’s psyche.

In addition to the story of his life and death, the book includes a comprehensive timeline, song listing, chapter notes, reference list and suggestions for further reading. The is a tasteful selection of photos spanning Lennon’s life, add to the depth of material included in this book.

As a fan of The Beatles and the history of modern music, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its insights into the music scene of the sixties and seventies. It is a compelling and fascinating book and is a hefty read, being jam-packed with facts from start to finish. I recommend taking your time to read through this one. It is a must for fans of musical biographies, of Lennon and of The Beatles.

I received a free copy of this book from Farrago in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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