Students and staff say no to the Robert Menzies Institute

Students gathered on South Lawn yesterday to protest the opening gala of the Liberal-backed think-tank Robert Menzies Institute (RMI).

An open letter to all student politicians

As sleek Facebook frames are slowly being removed from the profile pictures of university students in their early twenties, and social media feeds are returning to normal from constant ‘vote for me’ c

"Please don’t ask if we’ve tried yoga”: Students fighting for disability support

Despite the University’s push to make learning accessible, through programs such as SEDS and Access Melbourne, there have yet to be endorsements from students that these programs are appropriate. Inst

Cinemas Buckle Under the Weight of the Netflix Empire

Will Hollywood blockbuster-type films continue to use Netflix as their outlet, or will they return to their rightful spot on the big screen?

Stop the Liberals, Join the Campaign against the Robert Menzies Institute!

The federal government, led by the Liberal Party, is bludgeoning universities. Since the onset of the pandemic, they have excluded thousands of university workers from JobKeeper, ramped up fees for se



Back To School: Music Previews with Jack Kilbride

<p>Tchaikovsky’s romantic tales will soothe you like the waters of a hot spring. The Grates will throw you head first into the icy waves of the ocean. </p>

Semester two. You’ve had your break. Maybe you were lucky enough to head to the chaotic festivities of Splendour in The Grass. Or maybe, like me, you spent the holidays working to fuel your lust for good food, cheap beer and great live music. Anyway, you’re probably feeling that need for a little inspiration or perhaps an adrenalin boost to keep you awake through the familiar drone of week one. Either way, these two musical prescriptions are exactly what the doctor ordered.

MSO Performs Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1

Classical music never gets a fair go with younger audiences. While most recognise the trills of Beethoven’s Für Elise (the one from when Homer Simpson is in space) or the grandiose introduction to his 5th Symphony (the one that goes ba ba ba bum), the deep catalogue of exquisitely complex musical creations have lost their appeal in a world of Yeezys and Tay-Tays.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is one of the greatest musical storytellers of all time. His ballets, particularly Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, are embedded in art culture. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 is brought to life by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. It’s one of his best pieces but sadly, is also one that many would not recognise. His effortlessly blended melodic lines are stunning, with rolling surges on the piano creating a piece that cries out for a movie to call its own.

Also being performed is Rimsky-Korsakov’s lively drama, Capriccio Espagnol, and Alexander Scriabin’s 3rd Symphony – The Divine Poem, making this a must see performance for classical lovers and those wanting to educate themselves in classical composition. I guarantee that when the orchestra crescendos towards its final notes, you will forget all about your weekly readings and next week’s test. You will be inspired, trust me.

7th, 8th and 10th August at Hamer Hall. Tickets from $50.

The Grates – Supported by Straight Arrows and Pleasure Symbols

While Tchaikovsky’s romantic tales will soothe you like the waters of a hot spring, The Grates will throw you head first into the icy waves of the ocean. The indie-rock trio, fronted by the electric Patience Hodgson, have been on the Australian live music scene for the past decade. Known for their high-energy live shows, The Grates shout in the face of anyone who says a girl shouldn’t lead rock bands.

Their sound has always been simple, so much so that their most recent release, Dream Team, was recorded in six days! That type of speed puts them alongside God in the ‘creating-things-really-quickly’ championships. The resulting work is rife with raw guitars and driving drums and an overall production that fluctuates between the low-fi essence of The Pixies and the garage punk drive of The Ramones. The band is bringing along the producer of their new album, Owen Penglis. His band, Straight Arrows, will be supporting their national tour along with post-punk/synth duo, Pleasure Symbols.

So go see The Grates… it’ll be Grate, even if that pun wasn’t.

15th August at The Corner Hotel. Tickets $30

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