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Interview: Lucy Peach

<p>Lucy Peach stars as the greatest human being in her award-winning show My Greatest Period Ever.</p>

Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach stars as the greatest human being in her award-winning show My Greatest Period Ever. As we walk into the studio with her partner in crime Richard Berney, I compliment Lucy’s t-shirt, which reads ‘How To Period Like A Unicorn’. Lucy smiles.

“Clementine Ford demanded one last night. So, Richard took off his shirt and handed it straight over. Clementine didn’t blink.”

It’s this kind of spontaneity and quick-thinking that has made Lucy a must-see at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

From one of Australia’s best folk-singers, comes arguably one of Australia’s most important shows. Lucy Peach takes audiences on the journey of the menstrual cycle, through mirth and education—Lucy is lifting the stigma that has been inherently tied to any conversation society has when discussing the topic Lucy is tackling.

“We’re at such an important time in history. Where we can’t hesitate. We have to do everything with complete volition.”

Lucy has worked as a sexual health educator alongside her creative outlets for many years. The tying together of yin and yang has seen the production of a masterpiece and a new benchmark for transformative art.

Lucy and Richard are a soul-warming enterprise. They appear very much like the Steiner teachers I had growing up. A kind of a love-inducing pair, who make you feel warmed, drawn, and captivated by their presence.

While Lucy’s show is promoting a message. The show itself is absolutely fantastic. It has won the top prize at the Perth Fringe Festival, and critics have been describing Lucy in the same light as some of Australia’s greatest comedic performers.

While Lucy identifies primarily as a folk singer, rather than a comedian. The show itself has some of the best lines of the entire festival. Mixing her comedic, educator and musical talents together. Lucy has painted a blank canvas with an phenomenal performance from where all people can come to learn, laugh, love and listen to Lucy’s beautiful voice convey one of the most important points of 2018.

“Also, we have capes,” Lucy tells me.

Anyone who comes to this show is a superhero. However, the cape should be firmly held by Lucy who is superwoman in her own right. For finding the ability to convey through the platform of performance—something that society can learn from and be inspired by.

You can buy tickets for Lucy Peach’s show ‘My Greatest Period Ever’ at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.

You can catch the podcast episode of this interview by searching ‘The Ferg Neal Show’ anywhere you get your podcast fix.

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