2023 UMSU Election Results Live

Check back throughout the night for the results of this year's UMSU elections!


Voting in the 2023 UMSU Elections is officially over! Check back at this page for results as they come in!

UPDATE 8:41PM: A countsheet including primary vote tallies for multi-member positions has been released by the Returning Officer and is available on the UMSU website here. We are currently working on visualisations and estimates for Students' Council, NUS, and committee positions.



Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Two 2023


The harpsichords sound like skeletons. The wings of butterflies open and close like lungs. The trees are murdered for pianos. The dust in the abandoned antique store glows gently, as if made from the powdered skulls of fairies and changelings. Welcome to the weird and wonky world of Edition Six, Phantasmagoria. We bid you to tread carefully...

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