Will troika mulch in treaded pass



Will Troika Mulch-In Treaded Pass


Will troika mulch-in treaded pass

Two waltz un-old with dew,

Ash-weiß in viz O they end nigh

And smile lest thou achoo.


Ainsi Sir I mere contemplate

Fain near division hence,

Dull chaise et venture bevel then

The vinyl-aster fence.


Untwine eaves off his furrowed fill

Else nowhere has it smoke,

Blackroot to bare its grimace vile

And cicatrise to yoke.


Adage untold with savage deed

Alights immortal roar,

See troika faulted nothingness

Just as it were before.


Farrago's magazine cover - Edition One 2024


It’s 2012 and you have just opened Tumblr. A photo pops up of MGMT in skinny jeans, teashade sunglasses and mismatching blazers that are reminiscent of carpets and ‘60s curtains. Alexa Chung and Alex Turner have just broken up. His love letter has been leaked and Tumblr is raving about it—”my mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it.” Poetry at its peak: romance is alive.

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