Seven suspended, but no action on clubs or colleges: UniMelb 2022 Sexual Misconduct Report released

The University of Melbourne has released their 2022 Sexual Misconduct Report, revealing that four staff members have been removed from the University after being found to have committed serious miscon

“It has felt deliberately slow”: UniMelb staff strike for secure work, fair pay as bargaining stalls

Hundreds of staff from the University of Melbourne walked off the job for a half-day strike last Wednesday, calling for better pay and job security amid protracted negotiations over a new employment c

“Online Self-Paid Internships”: a Springboard Or a Trap?

Once again, it’s time for Heng Xu, a Chinese international student studying at the Australian National University, to remind her internship supervisor to send her feedback about the work she submitted



angel sonnet

rollercoaster rides through sparkling / synths sounding there’s a big black sky / over my town

An old television emits a purple substance into the air, through which fall blue-orange people.

heart-sealed letter for angels
with city-dream-dance-pop

dreams, lucid with candied colours
flickering & fading

rollercoaster rides through sparkling
synths sounding there’s a big black sky

over my town, living each moment
on wings of glowing desire

but now the lights are changing
window still open for you to come home

the past a daze in 35mm
future an arrow-heart-emoji

promise & tomorrow, a fresh chance
to soar beyond the clouds.

Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Two 2023


We scream and sing, rejoice and mourn, dance and fight in the face of uncertain futures. Read all about it in the second edition of Farrago.

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