On Dreading Netflix's Upcoming Depp v. Heard Documentary

A few weeks ago, Netflix announced its new documentary, Depp vs. Heard, set to premiere later this month. The promises made were lofty: to re-examine the trial, to analyze the mass hysteria it provoke

Equitable Contraceptive Responsibility: Pioneering Gender-Neutral Contraceptive Solutions

If it takes two to tango, why does only one have to suffer? There should be more safe and effective methods available for men so that we can all equitably share the contraceptive responsibility.

“We’ve botched this campaign”—NUS calls for a student led 'Yes' campaign in Voice referendum

The National Union of Students (NUS) is calling for a more grassroots approach to the ‘Yes’ campaign for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament after a heated debate at June's Education Conference (EdCon)

Union House to become new Science Building; six buildings to be demolished in new Estate Master Plan

Union House is set to become a new Science Building and several Faculty of Arts and FMDHS buildings will be redeveloped amongst sweeping changes announced in the University of Melbourne's Estate Maste

Seven suspended, but no action on clubs or colleges: UniMelb 2022 Sexual Misconduct Report released

The University of Melbourne has released their 2022 Sexual Misconduct Report, revealing that four staff members have been removed from the University after being found to have committed serious miscon



Will troika mulch in treaded pass



Will Troika Mulch-In Treaded Pass


Will troika mulch-in treaded pass

Two waltz un-old with dew,

Ash-weiß in viz O they end nigh

And smile lest thou achoo.


Ainsi Sir I mere contemplate

Fain near division hence,

Dull chaise et venture bevel then

The vinyl-aster fence.


Untwine eaves off his furrowed fill

Else nowhere has it smoke,

Blackroot to bare its grimace vile

And cicatrise to yoke.


Adage untold with savage deed

Alights immortal roar,

See troika faulted nothingness

Just as it were before.


Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Two 2023


What would you find if you walked through the looking glass into another time? Why are all the plastic googly eyes you spilt over your bedroom floor following your every move? The entire universe and beyond is your disco ball of scintillating possibility.

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