Tribunal Rejects Appeal of GSA Election Results

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) electoral tribunal has rejected an appeal from candidates of Better GSA about the recent elections, which made allegations against GSA staff, the returning officer and members of rival ticket Renew GSA.

30 May 2018
GSA Reforms Fail to Pass at SGM

The proposed governance changes to the Graduate Student Association’s (GSA) structure have failed after being put to a vote at their special general meeting (SGM) on 22 March. The meeting was attended by 151 graduate students, of whom 67 students voted up the constitutional reforms and 56 voted them down.

25 March 2018
Three Critical Lessons from the GSA’s Special General Meeting

If the events of the last week had taken place months ago with plenty of time before the SGM, I think amendments would have been made and the changes passed. The public back and forth between UMSU and the GSA just goes to show that there were so many unanswered questions, issues, and work yet to be done.

23 March 2018
“Be My Stacks”: GSA Vice-President and Shorten Electorate Staffer Offers Students Free Beer to Ram Through SGM Vote

Jacob Rodrigo, the vice-president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and an electorate officer in Bill Shorten’s office, has offered graduate students free beer in exchange for helping push though controversial changes to the GSA’s constitution.

20 March 2018
Graduate Student Association Proposes Major Governance Reforms

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) has unveiled plans to introduce a professional board of directors in sweeping changes to the governance and management of the organisation.

8 March 2018
Out Of Time

The GSA is currently protesting against the Academic Board’s policy changes which took place in June 2017, removing the possibility for research higher degree (RHD) students to extend their degrees beyond the maximum submission date.

13 September 2017

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is becoming increasingly frustrated with the exclusion of international postgraduate students from iUSE concession Mykis.

13 July 2017
A Balancing Act

More parents with young children are taking advantage of the opportunity to continue or return to their studies.

7 June 2017
New GSA Team Announced

Changes to the Graduate Student Association staffing have been announced on 1 June, including newly appointed elected representatives and permanent staff. On the evening of 31 May, the Graduate Student Association Office Bearer elections were held. Sina Khatami and Thomas Whiteside have been re-elected as President and General Secretary respectively. Alongside them are a new team of […]

1 June 2016
Where To Go From Here: GSA LGBTIQ Panel Recap

Dr Ruth McNair is a general practitioner with clinical and research interests in same-sex parenting. She was the first to speak at a panel discussion last week on the future of LGBTIQ families, which the Graduate Student Association organised as part of the Midsumma Festival. The first thing McNair said when she took to the […]

12 February 2016
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