Review: Trolls Just Wanna Violate The Geneva Conventions (Moonlight Cinema)

Let me start by saying this: I babysit. I love children—their big silly balloon heads and their ability to memorise movie songs and run around in gummy half-formed skeletons with absurdly placed centers of gravity. So if you know of any four-foot-and-under cartilaginous gremlins in need of a reliable babysitter who will haul them by […]

15 February 2021
Review: “Rock This Bitch!” Ben Folds with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Self-deprecating, sarcastic and slightly crass Ben Folds would not be my first pick to headline an orchestra tour. His navy suit clashed with the blacks of the orchestra. His body moved almost violently with the notes he played, sharply different from their more disciplined movements. It was perfect. Over the past decade, Folds has displayed […]

14 February 2021
Review: Our Magic Hour

Aubrey is a reserved protagonist who struggles to communicate her feelings, even to the reader.

22 March 2016
The Art of Parma: Your Guide to Unimelb’s Best Parma

Just like life’s too short to read a bad book, it’s even shorter to eat a bad parma.

19 June 2015
Grand (Rehearsal) Designs Australia

It’s the start of semester, which means the beginning of the student theatre season, and the beginning of rehearsals! There are an exciting few months ahead for Union House Theatre, with double digit shows playing, and MUDfest, Australia’s largest student arts festival in planning for August. If you’re feeling keen to get involved in (pretty […]

28 March 2015
fantastic books and where to find them – young adult fiction with melanie basta

Melanie Basta discusses her thoughts on the Australian classic; Looking for Alibrandi.

22 February 2015