Shit Movie Pitches

Linus Linus Linus Linus

Linus! Linus Linus Linus Linus.

23 November 2017
Family Feud?

What we’re proposing is a continuous game of Family Feud with Grant Denyer; one that only ends when Grant Denyer’s sanity does…

22 September 2017

I swear this is not what it looks like!

8 September 2017
Dip In The Pool

shark on the line –

18 July 2017
Plight of the Hunter

Pitch: Back here at the office, we were thinking about ‘family movies’ and how they seldom appeal to the entire family. So we decided to blend this ultimately playful genre with the most serious genre we could think of – film-noir. The idea is this: a brilliant detective, Blake Bigcock, is enlisted by Baby van […]

Malcolm Y

Ever seen a film and thought it was good, but could have been great? That’s what remakes are for!

23 June 2017
Schubert Dreaming Down the Tacuari

Вы никогда не поймете мою работу!

11 May 2017
Planet of the Grapes of Wrath

Oh no! A character from earlier threatening our happy ending!

24 March 2017