My Goreng

27 February 2013

Nothing gives students more joy than Mi Goreng. However, eating it plain every day can get pretty old, so here are five ways to make noodles and MSG more interesting.


Substitute the hydrogenated vegetable oil for dashes of sesame oil to give the noodles a pleasant, nutty flavour. Simple, yet effective.


Go all Hong Kong café style by complimenting your noodles with egg, spam or shredded chicken. (Or all of them, if you dare.)


Love Thai? Simply add cooked prawns, egg, fish sauce, crushed peanuts, bean shoots and lots of lime juice to mi goreng for a pad thai… of sorts…


Make ghetto tamales (Google it) using mi goring instead of ramen. Crush some Doritos and uncooked mi goreng, and put the contents in an empty Doritos bag. Combine the mi goreng seasonings with boiling water and pour into the bag. After 5-10 minutes, tip the contents onto a plate for an instant meal.


Deconstructed dishes are very in right now. A cube of uncooked noodles here, a bowl of chicken broth there and all the seasonings arranged artfully in blobs everywhere. Garnish this all with edible flowers and, presto, you have a dish that would cost you $45 in a fancy restaurant.

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