Rise of the Flattened Fauna

25 February 2016

Tyres reversing over this flat

not just merely dead

but really, most sincerely,

Many tyres, reversing

removing their tracks, and



over and over,

this flat



a not­so­flat thing.

And this not­so­flat thing drawing

to the living thing it once was,

closer and closer

the living thing

it will be again.

So much so that

when the flat thing,

becoming not­so­flat thing,

becoming living thing, becomes,

apart, connections

the Earth grasps again.

parts un­fall


And then the living thing will wander once more,

through street, through grass, through field, through bush.

Will wonder:

What harsh mechanism ended me, flattened me out?

And then, what miraculous force

brought me back?

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