Counsel in Couplets: Saddle Club Addict

21 March 2016

FROM: Rory Mane, Williamstown

Hi Nick, I’ve just received my first group uni assignment for Animal Law (LAWS50122). All is going well except in my group, one guy always talks about ponies. He’s like a modern day Saddle Club addict and it stops us from doing any work. Should I say something?

It’s never too easy when one of your buddies –

Who should eschew law for equestrian studies ―

Lets his wanton passion for ponies run rampant,

Leaving your poor group assignment stagnant.

Your marks might suffer because he fiddle-faddles,

But how to tell him “enough with the saddles!”?

This won’t be the first time you deal with group conflict ―

Inevitably, individuals have interests that contradict.

University, just like the workforce, will challenge you in this way.

You’ll learn to compromise with lovers of stallions and hay.

Indeed, at times resolving problems will be simple:

You’ll breach touchy subjects with nary a ripple.

Yet, things in life are, of course, rarely so easy ―

You may need a higher authority to help broker a treaty.

And even then, you could sit by idly blaming bad luck,

Left with an obstinate group member who’s a horse-loving schmuck

So how can you settle this frustrating predicament?

How to warn it’s not just to horses whom he has a commitment?

If you’re brave enough, give this quote a run ―

Remind him that “life should be fun for everyone”,

And that your life is being affected by his pony obsession

And that from Carole, Steph and Lisa he could learn a lesson.

But as could you Rory: maybe you’re in denial.

It’s you who should grin and bear it: “just wear a smile”.

Blaming others won’t get you anywhere,

But instead leave you frustrated: life isn’t fair.

Indeed, is his passion for stirrups and horseshoes,

Really so problematic as to upset you?

After all, what is wrong with loving something?

Think of all the joy to him ponies bring.

Be grateful that around you he feels comfortable and free,

To say, with joy, “hello world, this is me”.

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