Review: Sara Pascoe’s Animal

29 March 2016

Last Comedy Festival, everyone told me that I needed to see Sara Pascoe because of her incredibly witty feminist comedy. I never got around to seeing her, so I made it my mission to check her out this festival and I am so glad that I did. Animal was not only non-stop laughs but also important and relevant. Pascoe chose topics that may make a male audience uncomfortable but she handled it with such grace and humour that she had the whole audience in stitches. It’s also important to mention that she was never heavy handed with her feminism. It never once felt like a lecture or like she was trying to convert anyone. It was just smart stand up, pure and simple.

My only criticism would be that she made a couple of references to British politics that went over my head and I felt myself thinking that she could’ve made more of an effort to make them relate to an Australian audience. However, saying that, the jokes surrounding the topic were still funny and this could just be me clutching at straws to find a flaw in the show.

Not only is Pascoe a talented comedian, she also just seems to be a lovely person that I want to be friends with. To get analytical for a second, her show had such perfect structure. You couldn’t see her call backs coming and she managed to tie the whole show together with a pretty bow. I left the venue feeling satisfied and inspired. I couldn’t recommend her enough. If you enjoy smart, fun stand up, then go see Sara Pascoe.

Sara Pascoe’s Animal is running all festival in the Powder Room at the Melbourne Town Hall.

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