REVIEW: Felicity Ward’s What if There is No Toilet?

29 March 2016

Felicity Ward’s energy and enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. She takes the audience on a wave of laughter which trickles into every crevice of her life.

“Yell out if you’ve experienced mental illness!” she exclaims, to which a large number of audience members (probably for the first time ever) gleefully claim solidarity. As the show progresses I struggle to identify whether the sporadic hilarity which Felicity juggles, is random, or part of a carefully devised narrative. She talks to audience members and is happy to go on a tangent of silliness, laughing at herself in an endearing way, only to nonchalantly sit down on the stage toilet, and talk about her IBS and anxiety.

Felicity’s crazy silliness on stage allows for the audience to be carefree and go weird, at one point everyone is standing up doing a dance in a slightly Disney-club meets cult, kind of way. You can feel the audience relax as the show progresses, everyone feels free to let go and cackle with laughter. Such is the prowess of Felicity’s performing ability. She is able to turn dark subject matter, not often utilised by other comedians, into laughter. A gift and a rarity in this industry.

I leave the show feeling like no problem is insurmountable. Felicity provides the audience with a blank canvass, which gathers colour as the show progresses, she periodically splashes paint onto it, leaving a beautifully weird piece of art, for the audience take grasp on.

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