10 October 2016

Hello future Farragoblins,

It’s time to get rocking and rolling with your applications to us, your 2k17 editors. It’s going to be an absolute firework of a year, with media going off in all directions, sparking and surprising all and sundry.

But maybe you’re feeling a bit lost. That’s totally okay, because we’ve got you covered. THIS LINK will take you to our position descriptions.

We want your ideas. Whether you study Poststructuralism or Oral Health, you have something to say, something to create, something to unleash upon this fragile little planet. Want to write a column about hedgehogs (either chocolate or animal)? Pitch it. A web series set inside a malfunctioning refrigerator? Tell us about it. Campus reporting via slam poetry? Film it. A comic? Any comic? Draw it*. Do you want to subedit some of the best commentary this side of whatever the standard for commentary is? You know what to do. And do it before the 25th of November – that’s when these applications will close.

We’re watching you, future Farraghosts and Farraghouls.

Apply while you still can,

Alex, Amie, James and Mary
*holy fuck, draw us some comics.


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