Myers named as new University Chancellor

28 November 2016

Prominent businessman and University of Melbourne fundraising campaign chair Allan Myers will be the university’s new Chancellor, replacing incumbent Elizabeth Alexander.

Alexander had served in the role for almost six years.

“Chancellor Alexander has been selfless in her contribution to the University of Melbourne,” said Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis in an announcement to staff.

Myers was elected by the University’s governing Council. He had been seen in some corners as the potential frontrunner in the race.

The University has not announced who the other candidates were in the race, including whether Alexander expressed interest in re-nominating.

Myers, a University of Melbourne alumni, is known for his prominent legal career, business wealth and philanthropy. He is also known for his work on the University’s Believe fundraising campaign.

“It’s impossible to imagine the city of Melbourne without the University of Melbourne. It contributes to the intellectual, cultural and social life of the city, and it’s a great engine of innovation and economic prosperity,” he told the Australian Financial Review after making a major donation to the University in 2013.

Myers will serve a three year term.

More to come…

Image from the University of Melbourne.

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