The Urgent

7 June 2017

Pedestrian crossings beat as my heart. A probably boy and girl speak a language I don’t understand or maybe it’s just too far away. A taxi and then another car honk intime. Without them I wouldn’t know. I didn’t think they were necessary but now I missed the light two times I don’t listen to my heartbeat but I wouldn’t cross roads without it. All goes red then half green then not the same taxi turns the corner and youall look at me like I’ll speak.

A crane ontop of a tower screams for the Olden Age above the city in the same way that Foxte isn’t a company but it makes for a damn fine opening line

the light went green again but I didn’t look but besides anyway I don’t need to get there. Bryan’s family could’ve made a buck and they have but then they went and spent it and we’re back where we were but less. I’m back when I was (and less) and all these leaves are jumping and going for it because what might be worse than a squirrel more a possum or an old cold magpie isn’t.

Me, I want to live in concrete. Up the road with eighthundred other urgents chasing ends. Everyone gets one colour and other than that it’s all concrete. We don’t sit and let them come to us. My ma should’ve told us it’s better to live next to something beautiful than in it, and I should apply that to mostthings. Better look than live. Better look but it’s still red and I must’ve missed it again, again.

So let’s all how about we sit down sit there just next to Bryan he’ll show you around I’m sure and then be peaceandquiet and I’ll tell you something. No yes right I hear you so how about let’s all we reconvene in fifteen minutes; I make that twentyfive past. That gives us enough time to

do something. I’ll step twenty or twentyone steps that way and roll and smoke like it’ll be good for me. Crush a leaf like I’m manual decomposition. I’ll listen to my heartbeat and be the heart of Beat City. Fuck it, I’ll take twentytwo. Might lose count. Might go far away where I just don’t understand anything. Might get gone before these squirrels show up like besides what would I say to you like what good’s a red light and what city needs a heartbeat anyway?

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