Lady of the Night

22 September 2017

Listen to Poorniima read ‘Lady of the Night’

I will die and be reborn
Slowly and gently my curves will grow
Slowly and gently my light will pour
Into the darkness of the night
Patiently waiting to be reborn

I am the pearl of the night sky
A lonesome gem born from the stars
Radiating until the break of dawn

Then my light will be muted
My spirit overlooked
And my curves no longer visible

I will become a memory to you
A ghost of your thoughts
And soon a broken habit
And you will no longer remember me
Not until the darkness returns
And the clouds unveil my naked self

Because that’s what happens when you love the moon
You lose Her slowly
Between the cracks of day
Until She is gone completely

For She is the Lady of the night sky
You Her daybreak
The warmth that thaws Her skin

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