Looking for Ely Bahiana

10 November 2017

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  1. Jana Kosanovich says:

    Huh never expected to find an article about my mother. I don’t have a relationship with her and haven’t spoken to her in like 10 years but I can answer some of the questions:

    1. Bahiana is her psychic alias name

    2. Kosanovich is our family name she doesn’t use her maiden name like ever.

    3.The pictures you find of her are all old photos from her 20s, even I don’t know what she currently looks like but she is in her 60s.

    4. She was an artist, painter, dancer, singer in Japan in the 80s-90s. Her painting specialties were still life and abstract portraits. I believed she danced salsa cause she tried to teach me as a kid. Don’t know what she sang.

    5. She has always intermediately/randomly used CAPS in text, as far as I can tell byproduct of English being her….3rd language? She knew at one point around 6 I believe.

    6. As for the weird ass collages of WTF-ery. Umm I taught her how to use PS back when I was like 8 years old and she was very very taken by it and kept insisting on using the weirdest images. Like this god awful 3D hornet that she obsessively used for years to try to market her wears. I also pointed out that she was stealing artwork and should maybe take her own photos to use but that fell on deaf ears. So yeah that just kept happening and getting real out there and I don’t know when the Islamic stuff came into her life but one her collages brought up ISIS and I was like, “Whelp, that can’t be good.”

    7. The purpose of her writings/art: She is not well. As far as I know she has not gotten seen by a professional like ever, but she has severe paranoia and delusions. So yeah you are looking at the ramblings of a not entirely sane person. Knowing her she probably has some rationale to it but it wouldn’t not make sense to you.

    So yeah, hope this clears up some stuff.

    • Alex D. Epstein says:

      Jana, thank you so much for sharing. I never expected anything more to come out of this. I’m very sorry your mother is not well and you don’t have a relationship anymore, I watched my grandmother progress through Alzheimer’s and it was heartbreaking, I can’t imagine how this must make you feel.

      I apologise if the tone of this article was discomforting for you, I was quite young when I wrote it and I would definitely phrase things more sensitively today – it’s easy to forget that there is a human being behind everything you see on the internet. The complexity and uniqueness of her artwork fascinates me, and I wanted to understand it better by understanding her. But now I think it’s better left alone.

      Thank you for clearing up my questions, though, I’m genuinely moved. If you’d like, I can ask the editors to take this article down.

      Wishing the best to you and your mother.

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