Social Justice

Students March for International Women’s Day

10 March 2018

This year’s International Women’s Day March saw a crowd of approximately 1000 people rally through the streets of Melbourne. Organised by the International Women’s Day Collective, the rally focused on issues such as equal pay, disability rights and sexual harassment. On campus, the University of Melbourne Student Union women’s department organised a picnic on South Lawn before the rally. It was a great chance for students meet up and feel comfortable before the march began. The rally started at the State Library, where speakers discussed several issues, with a focus on women’s working rights. Melbourne University students joined with Monash University’s women’s department, protesting with a banner calling to end sexual violence. Ending up on the steps of Parliament, the rally concluded with some powerful speakers who emphasised how much more work has to be done for women’s rights. The Women’s March enabled many to protest for gender equality, making it a unifying and empowering experience.

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