Men’s Fashion: A review of VAMFF GQ Australia Menswear Runway 2018

26 March 2018

Mid last week, I decided drop into the Media Office to pay the Farrago editors a visit. My timetable this semester is atrocious, so I had a few hours to kill before my next tute. The delightful Esther Le Couteur was sitting at her desk, busily drafting up a post for Facebook.

“Do you want to go to one of the Fashion Week events?” she asked.

I had a quick scan through the list, and immediately knew which event I wanted to attend.

“GQ,” I replied. “I want to stare at the hot male models.”

And so it was done.

After meeting up with the lovely Monique O’Rafferty (who, might I add, was wearing the most iconic pair of bell bottoms), we were ready to take the Royal Exhibition Building by storm. And boy was it an eventful night.

Soon after we wrapped up our behind-the-scenes tour with Bridget, Monique and I started to make our way into the REB. As we walked through the doors, reliving each of the traumatic exam experiences we’ve had in the building (mainly exams), Monique slapped my arm to get my attention.

“Oh my god! It’s Sophie Monk!”

And there she was, serving looks on the red carpet (which, funnily enough, was actually a dark grey). I convinced Monique to try to get a photo with her, but The Bachelorette was whisked away by her entourage. We took plenty of pics of her getting interviewed though.

With the runway about to begin, we found our way to the section we were allocated to. As we neared our seats, I saw Sophie’s name written on a piece of paper in the front row; she was going to be sitting close to us. Like close enough to stare at all night.

The show itself was pretty amazing. Plenty of great menswear looks. But one of the main reasons I attended the show was to see some hot male models. And boy was there some sweet, sweet eye candy. One model in particular caught my eye. He had the most incredible blue eyes, a gorgeous face and was rocking a buzz cut (I’ve been really into that recently). I also may or may not have used my incredible stalking abilities to find him on Instagram to thirst over his modelling shots after the show.

The show was coming to a close, with the models make one final walk down the runway. This was our opportunity to meet Sophie Monk. Monique and I marched up to her, and patiently waited for Queen Sophie to take photos with the other peasants that were fawning over her. We eventually got our turn.

“This is a look, ma’am,” I said to her, commenting on Sophie’s exquisite black off-the-shoulder haute couture dress. I’m pretty sure it was made of rubber too.

“Thank you. I’m really sweaty,” she replied. Relatable. I love her. What a candid queen.

After chatting with her for a bit and taking about a dozen selfies, we had to let her go. That was the highlight of the night. My whole year even.

Thank you to VAMFF for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime.

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