Edition Three 2020 Editorial

24 November 2020

Bethany Cherry

The world has become overwhelming. Our lives have become numbers, names have become movements, and reminders of how ‘well’ everyone else is handling this pandemic are being projected all over the walls like trophies. I want an honest conversation about how unhealthy this is. The inclination of the human is to connect, something social networks like Facebook and Instagram have capitalised on. But in our search for stability, normality  and control, are we losing touch with happiness and fulfilment? Are we harming others? Are we forgetting to take moments for ourselves, when all we do is compare and share? Test this theory. The next beautiful thing you see (hint: you’re holding it in your hands), look only for yourself. Let’s start living.

Amber Meyer

Mentions of white supremacy and police brutality. Cultural warning for First Nations deaths in custody. Since the Bla(c)k Lives Matter rallies in Australia, the number of Aboriginal deaths in custody since the Royal Commission’s 1991 report has grown from 432 to 438. Our institutions are borne of white supremacy; police brutality is upheld through the lack of accountability for cops that murder. So, we must keep fighting. A non-exhaustive list of organisations to support: Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, The Healing Foundation, Pay The Rent Grassroots Collective, The Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT), Sisters Inside. Please donate to campaigns including Justice for David Dungay Jr., Justice for Joyce Clarke, Justice for Kumanjayi Walker, Justice for Tane Chatfield, Justice for Tanya Day. 

Sarah Peters
Print media can perpetuate canons of silence as we try to cover every news event occurring. With limited print editions, we will not catch everything and hope our online content has reached you. But still, it is our responsibility to give spaces to all students. It is my responsibility to use my privilege as a white editor to amplify voices of colour and make spaces accessible. What can you do to do your part? I recommend supporting organisations like Black Rainbow, Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Magabala Books and Djirra. Please note that these websites have attributable content and cultural warnings.

Tharidi Walimunige

Like many years before it, 2020 has pushed humanity to the extremes and roused outcries for change. Interwoven throughout such conflicts is the media. Influencing and proliferating opinions, the media can turn tides. In deciding what deserves to be inked permanently and distributed to the masses, I’ve learnt a valuable lesson before putting fingers to keyboard, ask yourself: ‘Am I the best person to be telling this story?’ Lived experience makes all the difference. As we at Farrago reflect on privilege, positionality and publication, I hope you consider when and how best to use your voice. Reader, language is power.

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