Students and staff say no to the Robert Menzies Institute

Students gathered on South Lawn yesterday to protest the opening gala of the Liberal-backed think-tank Robert Menzies Institute (RMI).

An open letter to all student politicians

As sleek Facebook frames are slowly being removed from the profile pictures of university students in their early twenties, and social media feeds are returning to normal from constant ‘vote for me’ c

"Please don’t ask if we’ve tried yoga”: Students fighting for disability support

Despite the University’s push to make learning accessible, through programs such as SEDS and Access Melbourne, there have yet to be endorsements from students that these programs are appropriate. Inst

Cinemas Buckle Under the Weight of the Netflix Empire

Will Hollywood blockbuster-type films continue to use Netflix as their outlet, or will they return to their rightful spot on the big screen?

Stop the Liberals, Join the Campaign against the Robert Menzies Institute!

The federal government, led by the Liberal Party, is bludgeoning universities. Since the onset of the pandemic, they have excluded thousands of university workers from JobKeeper, ramped up fees for se



Cool Kids on the Block

<p>Major bling!</p>

Music videos are my generation’s moon landing

Glassy eyed in front of TV screens

Munching on cinnamon crunch

Cereal and turning the volume up on

Cruddy speakers

TV rots your brain and sugars rots your teeth and

Don’t sit so close you’ll get square eyes

What’s the 4-1-1?

Rhinestones spell ‘sexy’ on my butt

Earrings double as basketball hoops

Major bling!

Don’t sit so close you’ll get square eyes

Checkout chicks steal side eyes at the store TV

Where it’s all smooth sailing down

Queens of the screen sing from stolen cars

Kissing kings of rap with diamond rings and

Bound by gold chains


Don’t sit so close you’ll get square eyes

Daydreaming during class and

Trapped in our beds at night

Hatching plans of pop stardom

Amongst the stars on the boulevard

That’s one small step for man

Don’t sit so close you’ll get square eyes

“Ya mother wants to watch the morning news”

But I want my MTV

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