State Electorate Profile: Brunswick

Abbey Saxon gives you the political rundown on Melbourne's most (in)famous inner-northern suburb.

Why the Left Sucks: An Inquiry into Campus’s Most Hated Political Group

It is no exaggeration to say that The University of Melbourne is one of the largest breeding grounds for leftist thought in the country. For those of us who have been on campus–walked past the columns

The Aesthetics of Poverty – Why students at UniMelb are so keen to appear poor.

The discourse accusing this so-called ‘student aesthetic’ of fetishising poorness has surfaced within the past year on social media (especially TikTok) and in conversations between students on and off

Satire: Farrago Shuts Down; Honi Soit Now Australia's Oldest Student Publication

As of today, Farrago Magazine, Australia’s oldest student publication, will cease operations under the current four editors.

VCA Students Demand UniMelb to Commit to “Zero Tolerance” Policy

Students at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) are calling on the University of Melbourne to “commit to stronger policies and actions when it comes to sexual assault”, after the University ignore



One-Sentence Fairy Tales

When my incisor wobbles—pulls— falls, I slip it under my pillow, and wake to a bed full of pansies.

Black-and-white art of two foxes in a forest, dressed in silk, playing the mandolin.

The Drowning Mermaid

She fished for trash like treasure, plastic rings and blue bottle caps, but the piles now tower too high: she cannot see where the sun breaks through the water.

—Jaz Thiele



When my incisor wobbles—pulls— falls, I slip it under my pillow, and wake to a bed full of pansies.

—Jaz Thiele



“Only true love’s kiss will save you!” the magician howled, but she knew and accepted and loved herself for everything she was, so she pressed her lips to her own wrist and the curse was shattered before it had even begun. —Zoe Keeghan

Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Five 2022


Our last print edition of 2022 is here! This wild, visionary edition is filled with burning nostalgia, glittering hope, and tantalising visions of the future, past, and present.

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