Hey hey hey, it’s time to recap the Kooyong Leaders Debate piece

Poor Selina, she had to watch the whole debate.

The Aesthetics of Poverty – Why students at UniMelb are so keen to appear poor.

The discourse accusing this so-called ‘student aesthetic’ of fetishising poorness has surfaced within the past year on social media (especially TikTok) and in conversations between students on and off

Satire: Farrago Shuts Down; Honi Soit Now Australia's Oldest Student Publication

As of today, Farrago Magazine, Australia’s oldest student publication, will cease operations under the current four editors.

VCA Students Demand UniMelb to Commit to “Zero Tolerance” Policy

Students at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) are calling on the University of Melbourne to “commit to stronger policies and actions when it comes to sexual assault”, after the University ignore

Divestment for Dummies: An UMSU Enviro Guide

Care about the environment but don't know what to do? Don't worry, 2022 UMSU Environment OBs Chelsea Daniel and Zach Matthews are coming to the rescue.



Satan Wears a Bra

You are an observer / of calloused hands on brass strings / Crimson plastic, nostrils pierced in backyards

An illustration of a femme person sitting on a tiled floor, placing a cigarette in an ashtray. Their Illustration by Jessica Norton

Content Warning: references to smoking/drugs


Find comfort in disquiet,

in mould in humid bathrooms,

the mayhem      of broken noses

and crushed aglets d r a g g i n g on concrete –

caked in chewed spearmint gum.


You are an observer

     of calloused hands on brass strings

Crimson plastic, nostrils pierced in backyards,

Running in on platform shoes (just give us a clue).

Eardrums    crackle      

and then

they burst.


Drink vanilla cough syrup.

It will burn like scraped knees     .

Longing does not leave

and you will not be free.

Rip off rose tinted band-aids along with some dignity.


You are soft

like petrichor, homegrown hydrangeas.

You will crave    more





Until the only thing left for you is an overfilled ashtray

and a tiled bathroom floor.


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