Students' Council Round Up: 8(22)

Where is Sami?


You've just yee'd your last haw.

Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union. Council 8(22) happened 13 May at 1pm.

It’s happened: I put off writing Council Round Up and now I’m behind. 


Membership Changes: As usual. Lauren Scott resigned from the Women’s Office, Mietta Stephens from Council.

In Camera Forever: Council is spent an hour and four minutes in camera. What were they discussing? We’ll never know.

Missing OB Reports: Lots of OBs apologising for their lack of report. Lynne gave one verbally followed by some scrutiny towards Welfare. Rook also noted Sami’s (Activities) lack of attendance and report–talking about where Sami is happens every Council.

BABBA x UMSU: UMSU manipulating students into attending their AGM to change the constitution using BABBA? It is far more likely than you think–and it worked.

Best Zoom Name of Council 8(22): Benito once again for Ben Di. Haha get it. Bendy.

Best Speaker of Council 8(22): I’m giving it to Phoebe Churches. If you could email your headshot to that would be great.


Council 9(22) happened 26 May at 12pm.

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job. You can also read the Farrago livetweet on our Twitter.

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