A richer student experience, but for who? The discriminatory effects of abandoning dual delivery.

With the days of strict lockdowns and cautious safety measures seemingly behind us, the University of Melbourne has implemented a return to full on-campus learning for all undergraduate and most postg

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Equitable Contraceptive Responsibility: Pioneering Gender-Neutral Contraceptive Solutions

If it takes two to tango, why does only one have to suffer? There should be more safe and effective methods available for men so that we can all equitably share the contraceptive responsibility.



Winter Beach

Watercolour painting of an isolated beach


Winter Beach


Seagulls sit like white frost
over bleached sands
watching the waves take bite after bite out of an
abandoned shore, ravenous
for watermelon
and beach cricket.

Salted skies scream kids off their lawn,
then howl for those young real estate tycoons who
long ago constructed castles
on their undeveloped sands.

remain uncollected

Planks of pier
shiver near
the boats that bob in their sleep.

That shrill ocean air breathes
like stainless steel.


For miles.

Just acid-wash denim
and the hand-stitched seam of a horizon line,
barren of any leaves.

Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Two 2023


What would you find if you walked through the looking glass into another time? Why are all the plastic googly eyes you spilt over your bedroom floor following your every move? The entire universe and beyond is your disco ball of scintillating possibility.

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