A richer student experience, but for who? The discriminatory effects of abandoning dual delivery.

With the days of strict lockdowns and cautious safety measures seemingly behind us, the University of Melbourne has implemented a return to full on-campus learning for all undergraduate and most postg



With What is Left


With What is Left



Carried by the wind

rain falls–

Hitting my already wounded skin

leaving new marks

                                    and piercing through some.



The sky grunts as the blood drips on the ground

                                    pink. The colour of fresh bruises. Mixed with rainwater

flows away…




Goosebumps cover my body

I did not carry an umbrella

                                    shivering because of the cold, or trembling because of the fear?

She’s gone–




The stone that carries your name

is as cold as when you were alive.


                                                                                    Is a virtue.”

“Is not!



                         Mum, just listen to me–”

You didn’t.



Peace for piece

yours for mine.

                        Only we know–

                                                Only we knew–

We did

but now only I do,



‘Discipline is a Virtue’

I smile


Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Two 2023


The harpsichords sound like skeletons. The wings of butterflies open and close like lungs. The trees are murdered for pianos. The dust in the abandoned antique store glows gently, as if made from the powdered skulls of fairies and changelings. Welcome to the weird and wonky world of Edition Six, Phantasmagoria. We bid you to tread carefully...

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