IRAGO is a daring journey of sound and dance unveiling the human condition

Irago 이라고 - Said So, performed at Kensingtown Town Hall from 13-14 October for Melbourne Fringe, is a contemporary dance piece that sets out as an exploration of closure, transformation, and community in a constantly changing world.


Irago 이라고 - Said So, performed at Kensingtown Town Hall from 13-14 October for Melbourne Fringe, is a contemporary dance piece that sets out as an exploration of closure, transformation, and community in a constantly changing world. Rooted in the creators' personal healing journeys, the performance weaves introspection, healing and echoes of past traumas. It delves into the delicate balance between community and individuality, particularly for migrant creators. Additionally, the use of incomplete phrases, exemplified by the word “Irago” which is Korean filler word used as an alternative to “said so”, invites the audience to infuse their own meanings and interpretations, establishing a deeply personal connection that lingers long after the final curtain falls.

Accordingly, in a departure from traditional dance performance, Irago is a striking example of contemporary artistry at its most daring. The production deftly marries innovative choreography with visual elements, creating an immersive experience that challenges the boundaries of interpretation. The incorporation of background art into the dance routines is a masterstroke, heightening the emotional resonance of each movement. The show's lighting choices, particularly the discotheque style, may initially raise eyebrows, but it metaphorises the chaotic nature of life itself. This audacious choice ultimately adds depth to the overall experience.

At times, Irago ventures into territory that challenges the viewer's preconceptions. Some segments are intentionally enigmatic, leaving room for personal interpretation. These involve a segment where dancers adorn new garments to perform a chaotic dance, or dispersing across various areas of the stage to execute a fragmented yet harmonious dance routine. This ambiguity, though initially perplexing, ultimately empowers the audience to derive their own meaning from the performance. One of the most powerful moments in the show is the exploration of inner thoughts, boldly brought to life on stage through expressive body and hand movements that convey a sense of confusion, complemented by background images of the personal lives of the dancers. Together, these elements evoke a profound connection to life stories and journeys. While occasionally disorienting, this raw portrayal of the human psyche resonates deeply, serving as a stark reminder of the complexities we all harbor within.

The meticulous interplay of sound, light, shadow, and movement is executed with breathtaking rigor, creating a sensory tapestry that transcends the boundaries of traditional performance. Each element harmonizes seamlessly, orchestrating a symphony of sensations that play on the audience's emotions like a finely tuned instrument. Along with the visual tapestry of dance moves and background imagery highlighted before, the sonic landscape was an enchanting element as well which included an array of sound effects, spanning serene tones, frantic noises and the artists’ personal voices expressed through monologues and songs. The interweaving of these sensory components paints a vivid canvas of experience, evoking a spectrum of emotions that range from the depths of introspection to the heights of exhilaration. 

In one particularly memorable segment, the stage comes alive with the presence of carefree adults frolicking with an infectious exuberance. This heartwarming tableau serves as a poignant homage to the unadulterated joy of childhood, a time when the world was a canvas for boundless imagination and every moment held the promise of adventure. The uninhibited laughter and playful movements of the performers hearken back to those cherished days, reminding the audience of the simple pleasures that can often be overlooked in the complexities of adulthood. It's a beautifully rendered interlude that invites a collective sigh of nostalgia, prompting reflection on the importance of holding onto that childlike wonder.

At the outset of the show, a symbolic gesture unfurls, setting the tone for the profound journey that is to follow. Each member of the audience is tenderly handed a piece of paper, bearing the visage of a face. This seemingly innocuous act takes on a deeper significance as the performance unfolds. As the narrative progresses, these once pristine faces are ceremoniously torn asunder, revealing a poignant metaphor for the masks we all wear in our daily lives. It's a visceral representation of the desire to shed those protective layers and expose our true selves to the world. This powerful imagery lingers in the collective consciousness long after the final curtain falls, prompting introspection and contemplation about the masks we don, and the liberation that comes from tearing them away. It's a testament to the show's ability to resonate on a profoundly personal level, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of its audience.

The suboptimal seating arrangement emerged as a notable drawback, causing some members of the audience to grapple with a less than ideal vantage point. This was particularly evident during a segment where performers’ movements took to the floor. From these less fortunate vantage points, nuances and details of this segment were, regrettably, obscured, leaving a sense of missed opportunity for deeper immersion. While this logistical hiccup is undeniably unfortunate, it didn't eclipse the overall impact of the show. The artistry and emotional resonance of the performance shone through, creating an experience that, despite this spatial challenge, remained profoundly moving and thought-provoking for the majority of the audience.

Ultimately, Irago is a courageous exploration of the human condition through the medium of sound and dance. It challenges norms, sparks introspection and invites the audience on a journey of self-discovery. Despite minor hiccups, this production stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression to provoke thoughts and evoke emotions.

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