Jan 27 (Hardly Working)

Mud-caked and defeated / we rove over a country choked / into submission.

An ink drawing: a mass of small, leaf-like shapes crossed with grey and green root-like lines.

Mud-caked and defeated 

we rove over a country choked 

into submission. The thunderstorms 

that broiled the night before 

leave it soaked and steaming. 

We sweat in a sick grey dome. 


Back, in a colonial cottage 

I lie in the company of a mosquito 

and try to think of a time before uprooting, 

repotting, allotting (how propertarian!)— 

Before gaffa tape strewn in aprovenancial dirt 

and the plains wanderer’s baking bitumen grave. 


I try, but fail 

to think of 

a gentler cultivation.

Farrago's magazine cover - Edition Two 2023


The harpsichords sound like skeletons. The wings of butterflies open and close like lungs. The trees are murdered for pianos. The dust in the abandoned antique store glows gently, as if made from the powdered skulls of fairies and changelings. Welcome to the weird and wonky world of Edition Six, Phantasmagoria. We bid you to tread carefully...

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