Edition Five Editorial

16 July 2018

Welcome back from the hell that has been winter in Melbourne. Winter is cold and so are we.

You may be wondering why there’s a photo of us naked covered in copies of everyone’s favourite News Corp newspaper, The Australian. Our edition four satire article ‘An Exhaustive List Of Whom We Shall Kill On The First Day Of The Revolution’ achieved national attention—labelled as a “kill list” which “upsets Melbourne Uni’s young Libs”. Despite our requests, The Australian neglected to include a link to the article they were criticising, meaning that it was taken out of context to appear as if we only mentioned conservatives. So now that we’ve been “exposed” by the Murdoch press, here we are, with the truth laid bare for all to see.

But what have the editors been up to outside of Farrago? you may ask.

Esther has been hibernating like a French peasant, like her ancestors who used to sleep through the winter. She has also been hanging out with her dogs. In the creative section, Georgia Cao’s visceral poem ‘A Lifelong Commitment to Self-Efficacy’ (62) and Greer Sutherland’s ‘Diary of Everyday Magic’ (58) are some gorgeous picks.

In true news editor fashion, Ashleigh has been watching The Fourth Estate: The NY Times and Trump—which she highly recommends (you can watch it on SBS). She spends her nights existing in the weird world of Welcome To Nightvale, mainly because it helps her sleep. In the campus section, check out Stephanie Zhang and Medha Vernekar’s investigation of Chinese student dissent on campus in ‘Posters On Campus Protest China’ (7). If you’re obsessed with the Facebook page UniMelb Love Letters, we recommend you read ‘#1234 Looking For Love’ by Maggy Liu (13).

Monique is sad because it’s cold and her plants aren’t growing. She has also discovered the delights of running into objects because she’s listening to audiobooks too intently. As for graphics, in a reversal of the usual order, Sarah Peters writes poetry in response to Alexandra Burns’ art in ‘banksia embrace’ (57) and Christopher Ling looks at Melbourne through the lens of a film camera (42 and 43).

Over the winter break Jesse finally found a house in Brunswick, and reluctantly gave up a great lifestyle of freeloading at his boyfriend’s house. He also sent a painful stream of messages to our Facebook chat every time he had to leave his bed. In the nonfiction section, Dilpreet Kaur Taggar looks at skin lightening products and the industry around them (34). And for anyone who thinks we don’t represent conservative students’ views, Andie Moore has written a defence of corporate tax cuts (24).

Winnie Jiao has outdone herself by not only producing one, but two magical covers. Make sure you get your hands on both. Some of you may also notice that Farrago is looking a little more colourful this edition, unless you are new and stumbling upon us for the first time. If so, welcome! Please find some warm solace between our toasty pages. And if you haven’t already, check out The Australian’s exclusive. Oh wait, you can’t, it’s paywalled.

Ashleigh, Esther, Jesse and Monique

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